Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

Among students of 3-4 courses specialty 5B080600 - «Agrarian equipment and technology» was organized student's scientific-research contest «Technics John-Dir Kazakhstan» LLP «Eurasia Group Kazakhstan». According to the results of the competition, the winner of the 1st stage became the 3rd year student Shymkentbay Zhenisbai. The winner student Shymkentbai Zhenisbay was awarded with the 1st degree diploma and a valuable prize. The diploma of the II degree was awarded to the 3rd year student Turekelhan Medethan, the diploma of the 3rd degree and the 4th year student Amanzhol Erkebulan II.
The 2nd stage of the competition was held on December 13, 2013 in Kokshetau among the winners of the 3rd-4th course students of 5B080600 - "Agrarian Engineering and Technology" in Kazakhstan. As a result, the third year student of the department Shymkentbay Zhenisbay was awarded the diploma of the III degree and the company's signature watch.