From 12 to 15 January 2018 тhe foretgn scientist Mr.Dr.Werner Philippe from the university of Hohenheim from Germany, the city Stuttgart came to Kazakhstan. The came to the program «SES-Expert» for the horticultural farm. He came to South Kazakhstan to the Kyzylorda region, Syrdaryo district village Besaryk. There were meetings with this scientist and professors and teachers of the university of Korkyt – ota and leaders of the farm. Dr. Wenner made report to the theme “Recycling the sheep manure and the use other wastes”.  At the meeting asked the participants interestee questions.Master class and training workshops were conducted by professor Werner.Also professor Wenner  answered all questions specifically.At this  meeting took pant also with the report canolidate of veterinarian sciences,lecturer,a scoolship of  “Bolashak’’ Tytkishbai I.A.