Research work, student research work

Diligent theme of the research work of the department is conducted according to the five annual plan of research work SKSU named after M. Auezov.
1. Comprehensive research of southern territorial water resources to solve the problems "Water supply, irrigation, flooding of pastures".
Leader: Associate Professor Sultanbekova PS The beginning of work is 01/01/2016 - 31.01.2020.
in the first half of 2017, R & D was fulfilled by:
first stage 1st section, topic: "Problem solving Water supply and sanitation in the South-Kazakhstan region". performers of the stage: t.k., associate professor SultanbekovaP.S., teachers Ermakhanov N., Duanbekova A., teacher Seidirov N. 
The first stage of the 2nd section, topic: The technology of water purification of effective rivers of the city of Arys using local filters. Performers of the stage: Ph.D., Abdikerimov S., teachers Medeuova K, Oralsynizy M. the first stage of the third section, the theme: "technical and economic basis and research of regulation of small rivers flow of the reservoir Arys". The contractors of the stage: Ph.D., Junisbekova S., art. Teacher Akylbekov Ғ.L.