Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

International relationship

Research directions
R & D is carried out according to plan research projects UKGU named M.Auezov.
1.Sovershenstvovanie existing and development of new environmentally friendly cropping technologies on the theoretical bases of reproduction of soil fertility, taking into account the transition to new forms of management.
2.Sposoby treatment of soil and crop management in market conditions farms of South Kazakhstan.
3.Agrotehnika cultivation of cotton varieties "Turkestan" and the use of advanced technology for planting and inter-row cultivation.
4.Izuchenie agricultural techniques of cultivation of new varieties of cotton.

  1. During the period of the scientific missions to Gumboldskom State Agrarian University the following activities have been made by me:
    1. Introduction direction of research work of the department of agricultural chemistry Gumboldskogo State Agrarian University.
    2. Introduction to the Department of Agricultural Chemistry reports last year on fertilizers oilseeds.
    3. Work at the University Library on the effectiveness of fertilizers and agricultural practices in the region. Exchange of experience in the organization and staging of research in the department with graduate students and undergraduates.

4.Znakomstvo with laboratory and instrumentation used in agrochemical research at the department. Acquainted with the work of atomic absorption  intended for determination of metals in water, soil, agricultural products, as well as the other most promising scientific equipment laboratory of the department.
It should be noted laboratory University and agrochemical studies used a series of new generation of scientific equipment (photometers, BIG-analyzer, etc.).