History of the chair

     The department “Technology of livestock products” was officially registered in 2003 and has undergone various changes over 15 years of development.
From the 2007-2008 school year, training at the department was conducted in the specialty: 05080200 - "Zootechny" (bachelor degree). In 2011, on the basis of the department "Veterinary Medicine" was organized independently the department "Technology of production of livestock products", which trains graduates in the specialty 5B05080200 - "Technology of production of livestock products" (bachelor).
Over the years, the heads of the department were: Kozhaly B.K., Eshibaev A., Kupeshov T., Zharasbaev S.A., Asylbekov B.Zh. Currently, the department is headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor A.S. Tenlibaeva.
At the foundation and in the course of the development of the department, the teachers invested tremendous work and diligence, they were entrusted with great and difficult tasks with which they coped successfully, showing high professionalism and responsibility.
Students of the department are engaged in research work in scientific circles. Student scientific conferences are held annually. The department prepares highly qualified specialists competitive in their chosen industry.