History of the chair


The history of Department

The department "Agrotechnology" was created by order of the rector of SKSU named after. M. Auezov № 316 September 14, 2005 as part of the Agro-Industrial Faculty. The department trains future specialists in the following specialties:


5В080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Over the 13-year history, the department "Agrotechnology" was headed by 6 managers and achieved many successes in the scientific and teaching field, the training of qualified specialists. The "Laboratory of Plant Research", the laboratory "Plant Growing" and "Soil Science and Agrochemistry", the educational and production complex Kainarbulak, two greenhouses for studying and cultivating new domestic varieties of vegetable crops, a nursery for studying and preserving the gene pool of fodder and medicinal plants, a student scientific the "Zher Ana" and "Gli - zher kurki" circle, the "student scientific society" work at the highest level.

2013 the head of the department is Candidate of Biological Sciences, associate professor Elibaeva Gulmira Isataevna. Elibaeva G.I. made a huge contribution to the work of the department, combining high-quality education and work experience in the specialty, opened a research and production complex and consists of intensive apple seedlings, 32 varieties of grapes, walnuts and other fruit trees, irrigated crops are grown. At the same time, on the basis of production practice, conservation and study of the gene pool of medicinal and livestock plants.

Elibaeva Gulmira Isataevna made a great contribution to the development of the department from the scientific point of view and to the highest standards of education.

Professors and teachers of the department: 1 doctor of science, 7 candidates of science, 13 senior teachers and 8 undergraduates.