Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

General Information

The history of Department

Department "Agro- technology" as part of the agro-industrial faculty opened by order of the rector of SKSU named by M.Auezov of 14 September 2005 year.

The department is training in two specialties:
5V080100 - "Agronomy"
5V080800 - "Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry."
It is difficult to overestimate the role of our department in the preparation of specialists in various directions in one of the priority areas of the economy - agriculture (animal husbandry, crop production, agriculture, etc.).
It employs a powerful teaching staff: 3 doctors and professors (one of them - the winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan), 13 candidates of sciences.
The contingent of students is increasing every year. Currently, the department trained 426 students, of which 98.8% - on the state educational grant.

Characteristic specialties
5V080100 - Agronomy

Duration of training: 4 years
Qualification: Bachelor of Agronomy.
Graduates of this specialty can perform the following professional activities: organizational and management activities related to the organization of the production processes of agriculture, as well as the management of these processes; financial and economic activity - calculation of financial and human resources associated with the production of plant products.
Work places: Bodies of management of agriculture, cooperatives and farms, grain inspection and laboratory, garden parks and arboretums, plant protection stations, customs, quarantine of plants, customs control, research organizations and institutions.  In 2012 there were built 3 greenhouses.