What since olden times was formed, was according to tradition, on population of Kazakh girl spinning of children long. On places of what educational, that will smear in nowaday time spinning our the girlie/pls on it is not enough, those the aims, annually to conduct  "spinning duel of girl" plan. in 2012-2013 educational years SKST passed AGROINDUSTRIAL on  faculty november month duel  of that Spinninggirl -2012" traditional to noticeon second  In on a starit duel first course five subfarmstgirlead If competed. If we mark :

1.Zamanhan Raushan

2. Alsejt Onalsyn

3. Junis Kalima

4. Kuandykova Tansholpan

5. Orazova May

duel basic aim Kazakh people custom tradition exercise тау, that interior де song, cradle lays, mixes up cuts, to accompany a girl and national meal  prepares .Specified five ару, in Duel on good prepare. In it duel main prize Alsejt Onalsyn

1th local: Zamanhan Raushan

 2th local: Junis Kalima

3th local: ,a Kuandykova Tansholpan ,аnd finally got the spectator liking Orazova May.

We look at such the patron of duels heartfelt individual personalities  basic index of quality.

Viburnum of girl in one's youth politeness, cleanness, exactness,

family to give, to good organization, on to teach, specified.