The Higher school of Agricultural Sciences

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

Achievement of chair

Achievement of chair

By   result of competition MES RK the doctor of veterinary sciences Ilyasov B. (2012) became the owner of the state grant " The Best teacher of year ".

By results of scientific researches the scientific chairs became the owners 1 patent, 6 innovative of the patents for the inventions, 2 author’s certificates on the intellectual property, prepared and 6 recommendations for production:

The professorial-teaching staff of chair for last years issues 4 monographies, 6 textbook and 8 manuals with a signature stamp MES RK, more by than 16 textbook and manuals in state and Russian languages.

With participation the Kazakh national agricultural university and National veterinary school (ENVT) the city of Toulouse, France carried out according to the program - Kurbanovа A. S. Twinning. I participated by the invitation of the French hundred-wound for professional development in Toulouse national veterinary school from April 17 to May 27, 2017.