Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

26 January 2018

 International cooperation to improve the quality of education provides for long-term cooperation in the field of vocational education in the preparation of bachelors, advanced training of teaching staff, and joint research.

The generally accepted world trend of modern higher education is the obligatory support of the educational process with scientific research, as well as the close connection of universities, research institutes and business communities.
According to the result of scientific research, the scientists of the department published textbooks and monographs published:

The educational program of the specialty is carried out on 2 paths:
1. Technology of production of promising livestock industries
2. Technology of production of poultry products, beekeeping and aquaculture.

The faculty of the faculty is 91.2%.
In the ranking of specialties of the Republic of Kazakhstan specialty 5B080200 - "Technology of production of livestock products" SKSU im.M.Auezova ranks third in the IAAR and 5th place - in NAOCO.

     The department “Technology of livestock products” was officially registered in 2003 and has undergone various changes over 15 years of development.

 The purpose of the educational program "Technology of production of livestock products" is to prepare competitive specialists of livestock producers in accordance with the strategy of the university and the agrofood policy of the state on the sustainable development of agricultural production.