11 December 2017

      Practice base of educational programs 5В080500 - Water resources and water, 5В080600-Agrarnaya equipment and technology, 5В090300- Land management, 5B090700– Cadastre:

     The department "Water resources, land use and agricultural" educational work carried out according to the plan in the following areas of education:
1  Organizational work
2  Civil-patriotic and legal education

Diligent theme of the research work of the department is conducted according to the five annual plan of research work SKSU named after M. Auezov.
1. Comprehensive research of southern territorial water resources to solve the problems "Water supply, irrigation, flooding of pastures".
Leader: Associate Professor Sultanbekova PS The beginning of work is 01/01/2016 - 31.01.2020.
in the first half of 2017, R & D was fulfilled by:


Fellow of the International program "Bolashak" President Respubiki Kazakhstan:
1 Manabaev Nurlybaev Tagabekuly - Russia, Moscow, Russian Agricultural Academy K.Timiryazeva, 2012 y.

      In 2017-2018 school to higher school of Rural - economic sciences of department the "Water resources, land-tenures and agrotechnics" study students of нижеследующих of speciality :

15В080500 are the Water resources and water consumption,

       The contingent of students on the daily form of educating in 2017-2018 у.г. makes 147 students on speciality 5В080200 is " Technology of production of products of stock-raising". They study in the modernly equipped audiences, lecture halls and educational bases of department, and also in educational laboratories, where provided training not only and the advanced  but also diploma studies. 

   History of the department

The Department "Water resources and land use" was formed as part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Industrial in September 2007. The Department headed c.t.sc., Nauryzbaev Eleuov Muratovich.

At the department conducted training in the specialty: "Water resources and water", "Land" and "Cadastre".


The history of Department

The department "Agrotechnology" was created by order of the rector of SKSU named after. M. Auezov № 316 September 14, 2005 as part of the Agro-Industrial Faculty. The department trains future specialists in the following specialties:


5В080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry