17 March 2015

What since olden times was formed, was according to tradition, on population of Kazakh girl spinning of children long. On places of what educational, that will smear in nowaday time spinning our the girlie/pls on it is not enough, those the aims, annually to conduct  "spinning duel of girl" plan. in 2012-2013 educational years SKST passed AGROINDUSTRIAL on  faculty november month duel  of that Spinninggirl -2012" traditional to noticeon second  In on a starit duel first course five subfarmstgirlead If competed.

In the building №9 of the South-Kazakhstan State University named М.Auezov passed dedication of first-year students under the title "a Step in the great future". Participation in the dedication took all interested students, activists, the team of KVN, singers and dancers of other faculties, invited guests, as well as the teaching staff of the University.