19.02.2019у  An interesting meeting with veterans of the Afghan war Wynshaw Janali, Tashkinov Satbi and Ulsavam Kairat with students and faculty was held in the Assembly hall of the Higher school of agricultural Sciences.

On February, 14th, 2019 there was organized a volleyball competitions with students of the hostel №5 in the gym of the educational building №9.

29.03.2019y. Students of the High School of Agricultural Sciences took an active part in the opening ceremony of the republican environmental action “Parade of Parks – 2019”, organized by the Sairam-Ugem National Park.

25-28.03.2019y. Student group AP-17-8k3 Saribay Erdaulet scored 2nd place in the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 25-28, 2019.


The training process uses active and interactive methods, new educational technologies are introduced, enhanced multimedia support. The department is actively used by TCO, computers, improved training and methodological support, operation of the module-rating system.

Research directions
R & D is carried out according to plan research projects UKGU named M.Auezov.
1.Sovershenstvovanie existing and development of new environmentally friendly cropping technologies on the theoretical bases of reproduction of soil fertility, taking into account the transition to new forms of management.

The history of Department

Department "Agro- technology" as part of the agro-industrial faculty opened by order of the rector of SKSU named by M.Auezov of 14 September 2005 year.

    International relation

Students life

Existence of  ESIC

Now at Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics and Pathology of Animals departments contracts on joint cooperation and creation (ESIC) of educational scientific-industrial complexes with the enterprises are available:

1. «Nour-Ay-5» LLP, Shymkent

Research activity

The scientific chairs alongside with educational work conduct scientific work on urgent subjects. The received materials were used in scientific clauses, published in hundreds, in allied and republican magazines, works of university, and also in the editions Thompson Reuters  (ISI web of Knowledge, Thompson Reuters).

Students are actively trained in academic mobility in the foreign Universities, for example: last academic year  students of the group AP - 15-2k2 Amangeldi N. N. and  AP-15-1Ra Abdinazarov B. M. were trained in Poland, Krakow agricultural University. Hugo Kollontay.

Student group AP-15-2к2 Amangeldy N. N was trained in Poland, Krakow agricultural University. Hugo Kollontay.

Independent agents of ensured guality of education.

In rabing of educational program of Universities of Kazakhstan in 2018 tne collective of professor teaching staff of the speciality«5B120100 – Veterinary medicine» department «Veterinary clinical diagnostic and animal potology» of high school Agriculture Science of the South Kazakhstan State University after named M.Auezov took the 2 nd place and comfirmed nkaoko.kz RSB-A 655 Certificate. Astana, 2018.

  01/30/2019 The competition "Zhas talent-2019" was organized in the assembly hall of the main building by the faculty of social professions................

Responsible for the spiritual  development of  the Department of  Agrotechnology student competition High School of  Agricultural Sciences on the...................................

December 11, 2018 from 10: 00 to 13: 00 in the educational building № 9 among students of 1 and 4 courses of veterinary medicine in the framework of the program "Spiritual revival" of the Head of our state N. A. Nazarbayev ...................................