Tutkyshbay I.A. participated in the National contest "Mareyli Otbasy - 2018" and won the first stage - Ordabasi district. 

     The team of authors from Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan, cooperation in science which was possible thanks to the international program Erasmus Mundus Action -2 - Partnerships (IAMONET-RU) and the international program "Bolashak" of Kazakhstan. This textbook "Foundations of general and veterinary ecology – mancaused diseases of animals"...

Among students of 3-4 courses specialty 5B080600 - «Agrarian equipment and technology» was organized student's scientific-research contest «Technics John-Dir Kazakhstan» LLP «Eurasia Group Kazakhstan». According to the results of the competition, the winner of the 1st stage is a 3rd year student

          From 12 to 15 January 2018 тhe foretgn scientist Mr.Dr.Werner Philippe from the university of Hohenheim from Germany, the city Stuttgart came to Kazakhstan. The came to the program «SES-Expert» for the horticultural farm. He came to South Kazakhstan to the Kyzylorda region, Syrdaryo district village Besaryk.

          With the goal of addressing employment issues of employment of graduates, 10.01.2018 year at the Higher school "Agricultural Sciences", M. Auezov UKGU was organized a meeting of students of the specialty "Veterinary medicine" with representatives of the veterinary service.

         At Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics department, the Higher school "Agricultural sciences" the student's conference on a subject " THE PROSPECTION WAS HELD: MODERNIZATION OF PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS" PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF REALIZATION OF THE IDEA ". The conference took place at Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics department in 2017 on November 23 at 11-00 o'clock in audience No. 112. The number of the teachers who took part - 7 students – 33. The reports prepared in 3 tongues were listened (English, Kazakh and Russian).....................


On the summer ІХ the Universiade  student of group AP-17-8к1 Sarybaу E. in categories of scales 55 kg was awarded with the diploma of 2 degrees.

     In the program article of the President of Spiritual revival in the place of culture

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the students of the Higher School of Agricultural Sciences .....


In honor of the teacher's day, a round table was organized under the title "Teacher - Great Name"