Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

      In SKSU named by M. Auezov among the first-year students of the department "Plant growing and animal husbandry" held an event "Abai-dara, Abai-dana Kazakta" in honor of the 175th anniversary of the great poet Abay Kunanbayev.

A round table was held in the reading room dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of the Great thinker, mathematician, astrologer, music theorist, second Aristotle of the East Abu Nasr al-Farabi.  Students of group AP17-8r, AP18-8 r, AP19-8r took part in it and also a librarian of the reading room Bimenova S, senior teachers of the department Veterinarian clinical diagnostics Kambarov A. Shatmanov K.

"Great Abay - great nation"

In the framework of the 175th anniversary of the Kazakh poet A. Kunanbaev, in the auditorium of 300 building No. 9, the curator of the group AP-19-8k3 of the Department of “Veterinary clinical diagnostics” A. Nurdilda held an event to promote the work of A. Kunanbaev.


Group AP-19-2k of the "Vegetable growing and animal husbandry" department of the Agrarian faculty, under the guidance of a senior teacher Palmanova A. together with the students of the SKSU college, they held an open curatorial hour on the topic “Abai dana –Abay dara Kazakta!”


The Department of “Plant growing and animal husbandry”of the Agrarian faculty held an open curatorial hour on the topic“ Abai-dara, Abai-Kemel! ” with the participation of  dean of the faculty ph.D. Zhilkibaev A.K., the head of department Ph.D. Elibaeva G.I., teacher Aitbaeva A.S. and first-year students.


In the framework of the 175th anniversary of the Kazakh poet A. Kunanbaev, the head of the reading room of the educational building No. 9 S. Bimenova and the group AP-18-8k1 of the veterinary clinical diagnostics department, they held the planned event to promote the work of Abay.

Jan 31 2020

In South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov in 01/29/2020 an open day was held at the Agrarian faculty, in the assembly hall. The students of 11 classes from schools №19,24,50,53,66,89,101,116,119,120 of Shymkent city were invited to this event. And also graduates of the South Kazakhstan College of New Technologies, the South Kazakhstan Polytechnic College, the Turkestan Agricultural College and the South Kazakhstan College named after M. Auezova. As well as employers, managers, specialists of enterprises and graduates of the Agrarian faculty.

Jan 22 2020

Lecturer Iztleuova A.B. held an open lesson with the group AP-17-2k2

By discipline: monitoring and soil degradation

On the topic: “Viewing and processing the results of land monitoring”

Abisheva G.S. - Senior Lecturer, Department of "Agrotechnology"

Discipline: Crop Production

Group: AP-17-1dk3.

Date of the open lesson: 12/11/19.

To provide regulatory support for the implementation of the University’s anti-corruption policy at SKSU named after M. Auezov introduced "Anti-corruption standards." All  teachers are familiarized with these anti-corruption standards.

11/19/2019 in the auditorium No. 9 of the academic building, Tleukulov Gaukharbek Seydalievich, director of the department for working with foreign students, Serik Bigazhaevich Ablaev, chief specialist, Sagdat Seytkazievna Spankulova and Tursynkul Lesbekovna Kurmanbaeva, Tulegen Zhandauleti, Zhangauleti and Zhulepali, an organization of psychological support, organized a meeting and with foreign students of the higher school of agricultural sciences