To provide regulatory support for the implementation of the University’s anti-corruption policy at SKSU named after M. Auezov introduced "Anti-corruption standards." All  teachers are familiarized with these anti-corruption standards.

11/19/2019 in the auditorium No. 9 of the academic building, Tleukulov Gaukharbek Seydalievich, director of the department for working with foreign students, Serik Bigazhaevich Ablaev, chief specialist, Sagdat Seytkazievna Spankulova and Tursynkul Lesbekovna Kurmanbaeva, Tulegen Zhandauleti, Zhangauleti and Zhulepali, an organization of psychological support, organized a meeting and with foreign students of the higher school of agricultural sciences


October 1-10, 2019, according to the «Densaulyk» program and Elbasy’s announcement of the “Year of Youth”, among the first-year students, the XIII Olympics was held. Where students of the Higher School of Agricultural Sciences took 2nd place in the team event.

At the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on wrestling, which took place in 03.10.-06.10.2019y  the city of Kyzylorda, weight class +100 student of the AP-17-6r group Kozhageldi Nursultan took the 2nd place.

October 4, 2019 in the Assembly Hall of the educational building No. 9 organized by active students of higher education celebrated “Teacher's Day” at the highest level.

September 19, 2014 in the hostel number 5 held a march among students of the hostel in chess. Students who won prizes were awarded a diploma.

September 13, 2019 in the auditorium of educational building No. 9, first-year students of the Higher School of Agricultural Sciences met with the leadership of the university and the heads of departments. At the meeting, students were introduced with the law of education, with the Charter of the University, and the Rules of internal discipline, the rights and obligations of students and the structure of the university.

01/09/2019 SKSU,  M. Auezova celebrated “Day of Knowledge”. At the event, the Higher School of Agricultural Sciences took an active part in the inter-faculty competition “The Best Group”, the AP-17-4kt group was noted as the best group and was awarded a diploma.

19.02.2019у  An interesting meeting with veterans of the Afghan war Wynshaw Janali, Tashkinov Satbi and Ulsavam Kairat with students and faculty was held in the Assembly hall of the Higher school of agricultural Sciences.

On February, 14th, 2019 there was organized a volleyball competitions with students of the hostel №5 in the gym of the educational building №9.