Agrarian faculty

М.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university

"For the participation in the Special Project "100 new face Auezov University"on "Ruhani zhangyru" and the meetings held in the promotion of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the rector of the University.  M.Auezova D.Kozhamzharova, associate professor-Tutkyshbay Ibrahim Askarovich received a special certificate and assessment.

Rukhani zhangyru is a driving force that changes the worldview and customs of Kazakhstanis. After reading the article of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev, I came to this conclusion. According to him, this is the way to global innovation, without forgetting about our national values. Modern society should cultivate a smart and intelligent personality. To do this, it is necessary to strive for knowledge and comprehensively improve.

Within the framework of the club “Sanaly Urpaq", activists of the Faculty of Agriculture together with the organization” Zhibek Zholy " planted the first 100 willow seedlings in the Kaynarbulak microdistrict of the city of Shymkent in order to preserve and increase the interest of young people in ecology and the environment. ♻️  ♻️  ♻️

In the future, we will plant 1000 seedlings at the city level!

March 16 – Zhailau Day. On this day, conditions will be created for walking in nature, planting seedlings, and garbage collection. Our nomadic ancestors, who lived freely in the vast steppes, were in close contact with nature. Nature is the source of our life. We can improve the quality of life by taking care of the environment. Cleaning the territory, planting trees and shrubs is a great thing, filled with education and upbringing of the younger generation.

International Women's Day is a celebration of good sisters, dear mothers, and sweet daughters. On one of the first sunny spring holidays, men-pimples give tender flowers, give special respect and give warm words. Active students of the Faculty of Agriculture cordially congratulate their daughters with all the teachers of our faculty in honor of the International Holiday on March 8. And, given the quarantine situation, I organized an online concert.

The winner of the competition" the best faculty "among the faculties of activity and initiative of the South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov within the framework of the club" Sanaly urpaq " is the agricultural faculty! Congratulations and let there be many such achievements!


Kokpar is one of the national equestrian games.Depending on the origin of the name of the game, there are several options: blue forest.In another version it is said that the word" steam "in the word" kokpar " comes from the words of Parshu, comandau. Educational, "Agricultural" Faculty named after M. Auezov within the framework of ”Sanaly urpaq" organized a large-scale kokpar game on the project "National values" in the Mountain Breeze zone.

At the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in kettlebell lifting and arm wrestling, which was held from 15 to 20.02.2021 in Aktobe, a student of the AP-17-8dk3 group of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Agrarian Faculty of the University of M. Auezov Sarybay Asaulet Asanovich won the 2nd prize! Congratulations! Let there be many more victories!

On February 16, 2021, a meeting was held with the teaching staff of the Faculty of "Agrarian" named after M. Auezov in order to prevent corruption, promote the values of integrity and honesty. During the meeting, the Vice-rector for Social and Educational Work of the University S. Mazhinbekov and the head of the Parasat Department G. Dulatova explained the changes in the legislation.

In love-the greatest feeling in the human soul. It is impossible to describe it, nor to convey it in words. On the path of love, those who say "I will not die" sacrifice, and those who say "I do not love" kiss. Because it is a law of nature. And going against nature is a big threat. The coolest people in the world left the coolest words about love. One of them. In this regard, on February 12, 2021, a competition "Beautiful Couple" was held among students of the Faculty of Agriculture with the participation of active students.